ROM Zipper

ROM Zipper 1.1

Accesses, creates and unpacks file archives
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Perform zipping and unzipping operations with all types of files and folders in the dedicated utility supporting batch processing of selected elements. The program features a set of options for compression type, archive format, and destination folder selection.

ROM Zipper is geared towards batch file zipping and unzipping. Although it is designed with the emu-fan in mind, it can be used for all archiving needs. It is an extremely versatile utility, and you won't find a better batch zipping tool than this!

Main Features :

- Delete - deletes all the selected files
- Remove non-ROMs from Zips - deletes all Zipped files not marked as ROMs
- Zip - zips all the selected files
- UnZip - unzips the selected zip files
- ReZip - rezips the selected zip files
- Test Zips - renames bad zip files to ""
- Calculate Space in Zips - returns the unzipped size of the selected zips
- Rename - rename all selected files (based off of the sub-critera)
- Convert Sub Folders to Zips - all folders will be zipped to ''
- Convert Zips to Folders - all zips will be unzipped to /zipname
- Change Zipped Files' Attributes

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